Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Missing Ink by Karen E. Olson

This is a cozy genre mystery with a protagonist, Brett, who is a female tattoo artist and owns her own shop in Las Vegas. One seemingly normal day, a woman comes in and wants to get a devotion tattoo with the name Matt in it. But that woman never comes back, and soon she has been reported missing-and it turns out her fiance's name is Chip, not Matt. And that the name she gave to Brett wasn't her own name.

Brett gets entangled in the mystery, ends up on 20/20, and finds herself followed by a large bald man with an eagle tattooed on his neck. Throw in a cop for a brother, a handsome Englishman who may be hiding something, and an opulent themed casino, and you've got a fun, quick read that flies by.

Olson's characters occasionally ride on the fine line of being a stereotype, but she clearly loves tattoos and mysteries, and just reading the descriptions of all the amazing tattoos had me plotting my next one.

I would pick up this series again in the near future.

3/5 stars ***

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