Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Killer Sweet Tooth by Gayle Trent

*Killer Sweet Tooth by Gayle Trent

A cozy mystery with some delicious-sounding deserts, Killer Sweet Tooth has Daphne Martin for its protagonist, a baker with a tendency to stumble on dead bodies. This time, she finds a dead dentist, all while fending off the advances of an Elvis impersonator and constructing the perfect peanut butter banana pink Cadillac cake.

Yes, this concept certainly sounds way out there, and it could have been a disaster. But Trent recognizes the ridiculousness and embraces it. Daphne even thinks she is hallucinating the Elvis impersonator at first, and cannot stop laughing.

The mystery is clever, full of unique characters and entertaining situations. It plays right on the fine line of being over-the-top and convoluted, but Trent knows her story well and keeps a firm hold on it.

This is exactly the kind of book I need sometimes, a light fun read that is easy to process and quick to finish.

3/5 ***

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