Monday, August 31, 2015

August Reading Roundup

Books read in August:

How did August go?

I read 13 books, including two of my ARCs, and the newest book from one of my favorite authors. I went to Comic Con, and got a lot of great book art. Plus, I went back to work-the new school year started and I am a Pre-K teacher (my fifth year teaching).

And I started this blog! I am so happy to have started this book blog, to get to write about books, and to get to know and interact with all you fellow book lovers!

In really exciting news, this coming month,  I will be posting my first author interview, with one of my favorite authors of all-time, Will Lavender!


  1. Looks like you read some amazing books! The main book I read this month was The Catcher in the Rye,but to be honest, it wasn't that special to me :(

    1. I remember reading that one and I didn't find it that special either. It's one of those that I just didn't the hype about.

    2. Thank you! I freaking hate that book! I remember having to read it again in graduate school & I was cursing up a storm. At the same time, J.D. Salinger passed away & my friend accused me of killing him with my hatred of his most famous novel. -- Emily