Friday, September 23, 2016

Five Friday: Five Good Books That Start With H

For this week's Five Friday, here are five good books that start with the letter H. I tried to pick books that I haven't already talked about extensively on this blog.

Allie Brosh brilliantly and wryly explores topics from mental illness to the gloriously absurd things our pets do, with a wit that will make you think and feel while also making you laugh until you cry.

Kate Morton has spun a wonderfully written. suspenseful, mystery surrounding a house containing deep and dark secrets from the past, and a woman who knows them all and is ready to tell.

Laura Kipnis examines four major scandals of modern times, and how the press and public react when someone's behavioral choices become public.

Vincent Bugliosi has written one of the definitive true crime books here, and it's one that will stay with you.

John Searles mixes the paranormal with the psychological to create a haunting mystery.

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