Friday, July 8, 2016

Five Friday: Five Good Books That Start With G

I'm picking back up my Alphabet Series with five books I recommend whose titles start with the letter "G"! I tried to stay away from books that are already immensely popular (such as Gone Girl), and books that I've already talked about at length on this blog.

This is an absolutely brilliant suspense thriller with an expertly plotted twist that will absolutely have you flipping back through the pages, to see just how Harris pulled it off.

I've loved Nancy Drew since I was a little girl, and this book is an absolute must read for fellow fans.

This is one of those books that not only meant a lot to me personally, but is a fascinating and expertly written read.

This is a meticulously researched true crime book that lives up to its promising subtitle.

I read this for my Japanese Horror: Literature and Film class in college, and the class as a whole was unable to put it down. It is a dark and depressing read, but a compelling and gripping one as well.

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