Monday, February 8, 2016

My "Comfort Food" Books

I was sick this weekend, and it got me thinking about books that are, to me, like comfort food.

They are the ones I go to when the outside world seems too frightening, when my anxiety spikes, when I don't feel well emotionally or physically.

For me, it's mysteries, specifically books by Agatha Christie, and any of the original canon of Sherlock Holmes' stories.

This may seem strange, as mysteries are typically filled with murder and mayhem.

But in most of the stories so expertly spun by Christie and Doyle, they end with the villain being apprehended, the mystery solved, and justice served.

And even when they don't quite end this way, for me, at least, there is the comfort of familiarity, of books and authors I have visited and revisited many times before, of well-written stories and tantalizing clues, and London streets and moors and little villages.

What are your comfort food books?

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