Sunday, January 29, 2017

Mini-Reviews: Murder is Bad Manners, Daddy Long-Legs, Animal Farm, and The Last Lecture

This weekend, I really felt the need to recharge, and decided to do a mini informal readathon. I was able to read some really great books:

This is a very fun, light, well-done middle grade mystery, The main characters, Daisy and Hazel, are great female leads, strong in their own right, and remind me of Friday Barnes, another middle-grade mystery series I really enjoy. In this first entry in the series, Daisy and Hazel must solve the mystery of the murder of one of their teachers, even though no one else believes she is actually dead.

My dad recommended this one to me-it's one of his favorites, and fit a category in the Popsugar Reading Challenge. I think it can be really hard to pull off a book that is solely in letter form-especially when the letters are only from one character-but Webster does a great job of making Judy's world come alive. Judy is a vibrant, entertaining, highly likable character (an orphan sent to college by a mysterious anonymous benefactor, to whom she writes), and this is a quick, delightful read.

I still can't believe I made it through high school and college (as an English major, no less!) without having ever read this book. Not only did it fill a Popsugar Reading Challenge category for me, but it is a read that seems extremely timely with everything going on, and is extremely well-written.

This is also a read for the Popsugar Reading Challenge, and an incredibly inspiring one. Pausch makes me want to follow my dreams, believe in myself, and give back to the world.

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