Wednesday, June 8, 2016

What We're Reading Wednesday: June 8, 2016

Well, the school year is over, and I am out for the summer! I love being a teacher, but it is definitely nice to have some time off. And of course, I definitely plan to fill a big chunk of that time reading and blogging.

So what am I reading these first few days off?

I'm in the last stretch of this book, and things are picking up. Even though there's been a second murder, there's still not a lot of mystery going on. However, the writing is still good enough to keep me reading, especially as I'm so close to the end.

These are my before-bed books. I've really been enjoying reading one of the short stories from Poirot Investigates and a few chapters of Nonna's Book of Mysteries before turning in for the night.

I'm so excited to have started this as my Kindle read! I was so happy to get an ARC of it and it is not disappointing one bit. The Girls is a fictionalized take on the Manson girls, the cult, and the murders, and is really well-written.

I love this cozy mystery series. Pattern of Betrayal is such a fun, light read. It's one of those genre mysteries that manages to stay cozy despite all the murder and mayhem occurring. The series takes place in a quilting-themed inn in a small town.

What are you reading this Wednesday?

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