Sunday, November 22, 2015

Need by Joelle Charbonneau

YA Psychological Thriller

No one gets something for nothing. We should all know better.

In this gripping novel (I read it in less than twenty four hours, and couldn't put it down for the last third of the story), Charbonneau expertly tackles loaded and terrifying questions. How far would someone go to get something they think they need? How well do you really know the people you see everyday? And just how far can social media's influence go, and what can it get people to do?

Kaylee Dunham is a girl no one believes, not since what she did to try to help her brother. Her brother desperately needs a kidney transplant, and so when Kaylee is invited to NEED, a new social media site, she clicks yes. She knows what she really needs. Not the new phone, or purse, or concert tickets her peers ask for. But a kidney for her brother.

But Kaylee quickly realizes the site is asking for more and more from its participants who want their desires filled, and as the body count rises, Kaylee realizes she may be the only one who can figure out the truth behind NEED.

This is a thriller that starts out slow, building the tension as readers meet more and more characters, and begin to gather information about what NEED really is. This is how a YA thriller should be written.

4/5 stars

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