Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Review: The Wolf

In Wolf, readers meet Jessica James, a graduate student with a nightmare of an adviser, who stumbles on his dead body after he refuses to give her back her thesis. This draws her into a web of conspiracy on campus and a case of missing paintings, leading her into contact with frat boys and the Russian Mafia alike.

My favorite thing about this book was the cast of strong female characters. This is a group of women who do things on their own terms, who refuse to be held back or to bow down to anyone. They look out for each other and for other women, all while kicking butt and taking names.

This is also a funny mystery, which I always enjoy. Oliver throws in everything and the kitchen sink, and it works because she uses an irreverent tone when writing about the society she has placed her characters in.

This is a unique mystery, with unique characters that are a lot of fun to spend some time with.

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