Sunday, February 25, 2018

Review: Muffin to Fear

Muffin to Fear by Victoria Hamilton first grabbed my attention on the shelf because a) it's a cozy mystery and b) it involved a ghost hunting TV team coming to the protagonist's inherited castle (Also because it was an entry in the series from 2017 and in such great shape for only costing me $1 at the thrift store!). Merry Wynter, newly married baker, returns to her home, Wynter Castle, to discover her best friend Pish hosting the cast and crew of Haunt Hunt, a paranormal investigation television show. They are at the castle to film because they feel the many murders that have occurred there have a strong possibility of having left some residual spirits lurking. But this is a group with a lot of residual drama lurking among themselves, which will out itself in homicide.

The first few pages I wasn't really sure I was going to enjoy this book, namely because Hamilton got so caught up in dropping unsubtle innuendos about the narrator's honeymoon. But once the characters got back to the castle, and the drama with the ghost hunters began, I was hooked. I'm always in it for the mystery (and I'm also fascinated by the paranormal and paranormal investigation teams), and this was a good, gripping mystery. I didn't even notice how long it took to get to the first murder, because the dramatics were building up so fascinatingly.

The reoccurring cast of characters and the strength of the plot means I will definitely be coming back for more of this series!

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