Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Review: The Sleep Room

Title: The Sleep Room
Author: F. R. Tallis
Publication Date: May 15, 2015
Genre: Gothic/Psychological/Suspense/Paranormal/Horror
Recommended If You Like: haunted asylums, stories with psychiatry, gothic-style horror, ghost stories

The Book:

A young psychiatrist gets the chance to work with his idol at an isolated asylum out in the countryside. He is especially interested in The Sleep Room, where young women are kept in an almost-perpetual state of sleep in an attempt to cure their seeming neuroses. But when mysterious things keep happening all around him, he is forced to consider that there may be more than meets the eye in this world.

What I Liked:

This is one creepy, suspenseful book! I'm automatically interested in ghost stories, and when they are set in an isolated asylum, especially one with a mysterious room, I'm doubly interested.

And the last chapter is mind blowing! It's one of those that made me gasp out loud when I read it.

Anything I Didn't Like?

The ending was amazing, but the rest of the book was just okay. It moves a little slowly, and then the last few chapters (besides the last one) feel rushed on their way to a conclusion.


This is by no means a bad read, it's a good one, just not a great one until the very last chapter.


  1. This sounds interesting, thanks for reviewing it!

    1. It was definitely interesting! I've been trying to feature "older" releases on this blog more lately, which has been a lot of fun for me :) Thanks for the comment!