Sunday, January 3, 2016

Asylum by Madeline Roux

Students have gathered at an academic summer program, where their dorm is a former asylum. Three students-Dan, Abby, and Jordan-quickly bond together, and begin to explore their mysterious surroundings. Feeling themselves drawn to the off-limits areas of the building, they discover old photographs and files that seem to somehow trigger terrifying events all around them.

This is the first book in a trilogy, and a reread for me. I had read and really enjoyed this book, but was unable to get the other two from my library. I ended up buying the trilogy with some of my holiday money, and am really excited to finally get to read them all.

The characters are interesting, though they occasionally come off as a little one-dimensional. Once we start learning more about their backgrounds, they come across as much more fleshed out. Roux uses found photographs from abandoned asylums, and they definitely up the creepiness factor of the story. The story is gripping, and scary, and keeps you reading to find out more. 

I will be starting the second book very soon!