Thursday, May 12, 2016

Bout of Books Update: Catacomb by Madeleine Roux

I finished my first Bout of Books read!

Catacomb is the third book in the Asylum trilogy (there is also a collection of novellas and a prequel coming out next month). I won't be mentioning any spoilers besides character names and very vague references.

Our three protagonists, Dan, Abby, and Jordan, are now going on a road trip together before they start college, and are hoping to leave behind all the terrifying, troubling events that have come before. But the asylum refuses to leave them alone, and has connections more far-reaching than they ever could have imagined.

One of the things I've always enjoyed about this series is the way Roux uses old photographs to add to the story, and to amp up the always-present tension and general creepiness.

The story also grabs you and doesn't let you go until you finish. I will regularly admit that the plot can come off as outlandish at times (and this is probably what keeps me from re reading the books once I've finished them), but what Roux does so well is make everything make sense within the world she has created. It's not the world we live-and trust me, that's a good thing with how scary it is-but it is the world Roux has created, and she makes it work.

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