Monday, October 26, 2015

Memory Monday: Frightful Fall Reads

Today I decided to combine Memory Monday and Frightful Fall Reads to bring you some of my favorite scary books from my grade school days!


This book series was absolutely terrifying as a child, and still holds up as terrifying today. These were the type of stories to give you nightmares, and the illustrations were just as scary as the stories themselves.

I remember I collected these in grade school, and my friends and I would pass them around as soon as we got a new one. I'm almost positive I owned every Joan Lowery Nixon mystery at one point before eighth grade. These YA mysteries were full-on scary, featuring everything from the paranormal to all-too-human killers.

Once I read my first Christopher Pike, I was hooked. I would grab every one I could find at yard sales and used book stores and immediately devour them. They were like the gateway to "grownup" scary books, playing on a lot of the same themes of books I read now.

What were your favorite scary reads when you were a kid, or teenager?

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