Monday, October 19, 2015

Frightful Fall Reads: The Murderer is Among Us!!

Continuing my Frightful Fall Reads series as we build up to Halloween, one of my favorite types of scary story to read is The Murderer is Among Us. This typically features isolated locations, such as islands or snowed-in mansions, and the characters' (and readers') horrified realization that they are trapped, the bodies are piling up, and the killer could be the person right next to them.


These are two absolute classics of this genre, by the Queen of Crime herself. Murder on the Orient Express features a group of passengers trapped on a train in a blizzard, while And Then There Were None 's characters are stranded on a mysterious isolated island.


A group of guests have gathered together at a grand old estate to play "The Murder Game", but soon of them is murdered for real.


My absolute favorite book for the last twenty years! A group of people have all been enticed to move into a new apartment building when a murder occurs. They are snowed in, and have to take part in a mysterious game in an attempt to solve the murder and win big.

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