Monday, December 5, 2016

Review: The Kite Runner

This is one of those books I find myself struggling to write a coherent review for, because it packed such an emotional punch. Having just finished it, I'm still reeling from just how emotional a read it truly was.

I went into reading this knowing very little about the plot, just that this was a book so many people (including my parents) had raved about when it first was published. I'd heard it was a tough read, not because of particularly dense language or a hard-to-follow writing style, but because of the subject matter--and I think subconsciously this influenced me to keep putting off picking the book up off my to-be-read shelf.

I'm so glad I finally have read this book. It's haunting, and heartbreaking, and written so beautifully. I frequently find with books surrounding very difficult subjects, that I have to read them in pieces, and step away from them for breaks, but I could not put The Kite Runner down.

This is an important, and extremely well-written, read. The Kite Runner is about history, country, culture, family, friendship, honesty, and the choices we make every second of every day. It's a read that will make you think, and feel, and remember the power that a great book can truly have.

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  1. I read this a very long time ago but I distinctly remember how much I cried. I sobbed, completely broke down, when he got the news of his old friend.
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  2. I still need to read this so badly! Everyone always talks about how amazing and emotional it is.