Friday, December 11, 2015

Five Friday: Five Books I Recommend That Start With "C"

As usual, I have tried not to pick books that I have talked about at length on this blog before :)

1) Cartwheel by Jennifer duBois

This is a brilliant fictional twist on the Amanda Knox story. Readers follow the story of a girl in a foreign country accused of murder, with her sister and her possible boyfriend as main characters as well. The suspense is constantly building, and this is a book that is impossible to put down.

2) The Count and the Confession: A True Murder Mystery by John Taylor

In this true crime story, Taylor digs deep to find answers to puzzling and troubling questions. Would someone confess to a murder they didn't commit? Could the police have manipulated a mother of three into declaring herself a murderer? And just who exactly was the murder victim himself?

3) Cast of Shadows by Kevin Guilfoile

This genre-defying novel asks the chilling question: If you had the chance to come face-to-face with the murderer of your child, how far would you go? For a scientist dealing in experimental genetics, the answer might just be too far to ever come back from.

4) A Child's Book of True Crime by Chloe Hooper

In an attempt to understand a murder in a nearby town, the protagonist, Kate, begins to rewrite the story as a children's book. Meanwhile, she continues in an affair with an author who has also written a book on the murder, and who is the father of one of her students.

5) Christietown by Susan Kandel

This is a really fun mystery series, with a mystery author biographer as the protagonist. This means that within a well-written cozy mystery, you also get lots of great information on the famous mystery writer the book is themed around. This entry in the series centers around my all-time favorite author, Agatha Christie, and features a mystery-themed housing development (how amazing would that be?!), a Miss Marple play, and the infamous real-life disappearance of Agatha Christie herself.

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What are your favorite books that start with C?

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