Friday, September 11, 2015

The Nature of the Beast by Louise Penny

I love the Inspector Gamache novels. I love everything about them, from the relationships (platonic, familial, and romantic),to the Three Pines setting, to the way Penny just gets emotions and what makes a human being tick.

And then there are the mysteries. Penny's mysteries are always unique, clever, unexpected, and multi layered. The mystery in The Nature of the Beast wasn't my favorite of hers, but it was still incredible-and Penny definitely did her research, as is revealed in the author's note.

In The Nature of the Beast, Penny explores the concept of the boy who cried wolf, and what it means for a community when that child is finally telling the truth and still no one believes him. Monsters are more real than the characters, or readers, want to believe, and history creates a trail that can cause destruction in the present.

4.5/5 stars

(read for novel dream's reading challenge-this week's challenge was to read a book over 300 pages that came out in 2015)

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