Sunday, December 4, 2016

Review: The Science of Sherlock Holmes

I love Sherlock Holmes. As I've mentioned on this blog before, my dog is even named Sherlock! I will pretty much read absolutely anything about the Great Detective, from canon to modernized fictional takes to non-fiction analysis. And I always have high hopes for every book on Holmes I read, that it can do justice to my favorite fictional character and the world Doyle created around him.

Luckily, The Science of Sherlock Holmes is a unique and well-written addition to the multitudes of Sherlock Holmes' books out there. Wagner takes a non-fiction approach to analysis of the canon, specifically through the lens of science and forensics.

Using both Holmes' cases and true crime from around the world, Wagner explores the history and development of forensic science throughout the ages. Everything from fingerprints to blood analysis is covered, and Wagner expertly weaves in Holmes' quotes and true crime tales to highlight and explain.

This is a book for fans of Sherlock Holmes, forensics, true crime, and just really interesting non-fiction reads.

Read for the Semi-Charmed Winter Book Challenge 2016

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  1. This sounds really interesting!! :) I have only read one original Sherlock book but read many modernized versions and love the show on BBC. I need to read more of the classic stories and maybe check this out! :)