Sunday, August 23, 2015

Orient by Christopher Bollen (ARC)

"Who can lean on Kilimanjaro?" 

I received a copy of this arc at an ALA convention, and finally picked it up this past week. It is a heavy book to carry, particularly taking public transportation to and from work, but it is well worth lugging around.

This book is ostensibly a murder mystery, but it is also a deep and insightful study of humanity, about small towns, cities, marriages, homes, and parenthood. It's about what happens when you reach too high, when you try to rely on something that isn't attainable, and who you hurt when you keep pushing anyway.

What particularly impressed me about this book is how good a mystery it was. On top of being beautifully written, and very thoughtful, the mystery is also suspenseful and hard-hitting, The ending comes as a complete shock, but when you look back, it all makes sense, the mark of a really excellent mystery novel.

4.5/5 stars

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